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.demopundit is the digital infrastructure initiative that show cases product and service demo videos of all kinds (explainer, branding, tutorial, storytelling and testimonial) and helps global Brands, Corporate, manufacturers, start-ups, Suppliers, SME’s, Service providers, Software, Non-profit organizations, Video Game developers to reach and connect with worldwide business enthusiasts, buyers and End users over demo videos.

On .demopundit, your demo video marketing is undoubtedly a great way to encourage customer engagement and drive up sales. As demo videos are more engaging than words, they immediately capture the attention of your target customers. An interactive demo video with a creative storyline can thus work wonders for your business. For instance, by viewing a software demo video or a mobile app demo video, customers would be able to see your software or app’s functionality in action, and hence, would be more likely to try it out.

From the buyer’s point of view, the .demopundit marketplace offers a one-stop place: find all the providers from the same product/service, and easily compare them. Contact them. Connect with them. Viewers may differ. End users want to know how to operate your product/service and benefits, features of the product etc... Middle men want more deep information about technology.

From the marketer’s point of view, On .demopundit, you can showcase your demo videos for variety of end users and buyers as well. .demopundit is a huge platform where you can broadcast variety of demo videos of different nature like explainer videos to end customers (b2c) and information on business-to-business (B2B) technology demos. Explain facts, benefits and bring urgency, also you can collect feedback just like real world product demonstration.

.demopundit marketplace brings you more clients. Both parties get their problems solved. Everyone wins. .demopundit is great at aggregating products or services demo videos into one place, and making them easily accessible and searchable by customer. Connecting and Building strong relationships between marketers and buyers is important to us.


“Our Vision is to be one stop place of all business demo videos thus facilitating all new product/service launches on .demopundit platform and ultimately aims to enable commerce over demo videos.”


.demopundit’s mission is to revolutionize commerce over videos in ways that build a more futuristic, fulfilling and lasting world. Some call this “business as unusual,” but around here it’s just business.

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